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1 song a day for a month!

2010-03-02 21:04:44 by F-Meister

alright, this is gonna be a great challenge. i'll be writing one song a day (minus saturdays cos i have to work all day saturdays) for a month and posting them up on newgrounds as soon as i finish them.

they might not be the best i can produce, but its just an endurance run for one month! wish me luck and hope your ears wont bleed :D


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2010-03-02 21:22:04

Psssh, there's nothing wrong with making ears bleed. >XP I guess it really depends on the context and style your playing on whether or not it'd be good or bad for ears to bleed. But still, my point is valid. Hahaha, I'll check your tunes regularly if you'll check mine, compadre! :D

F-Meister responds:

cheers dude. yeah, i'll check your stuff too man don't you worry!